Информация о проекте
  • Здание: Торговое
  • Площадь: 140 000 м2
  • Город: Нур-Султан
  • Адрес: просп. Кабанбай Батыра 62, Нур-Султан
  • Сайт: Перейти
Сертификация по системе OMIR
  • Стадия:
  • Уровень: Silver
  • Дата: 31.10.2019
Сертификация по системе BREEAM
  • Стадия: 63.7%
  • Стадия:
  • Дата: 31.10.2019

О проекте:

The largest Shopping Mall in Kazakhstan

Project Details

  • Scheme & Version: In-Use International 2015  parts 1 & 2
  • Location: Kazakhstan
  • Asset Performance: 63.7% Very Good
  • Building Management: 75.4% Excellent
  • Certificate Number: BIU00002233-1.1; BIU00002233-2.

The above information is for the original certification of this project, please reference GreenBookLive for current details

Project Team

  • Client: Mega Plaza, LLP
  • BREEAM Assessor:  EES Consult Natalia Naumova
  • Developer: Mega Plaza, LLP
  • Contractor: Reinessance Construction
  • Asset/Building Manager: Mukhtar Siabaev, Abay Imambaev and Vladimir Gritchin


About The Building

The MEGA Silk Way is the largest shopping centre in Kazakhstan and is located in the capital Nur-Sultan near the territory of EXPO 2017. The building covers over 140,000 m2 and is serviced by it’s own management company with over 120 staff. The shopping centre is a social hub for Nur-Sultan with people using the quality transport links to access the location which is slightly outside the city centre.

Green Strategy

“Obtaining the BREEAM In-Use certificate by MEGA Silk Way shopping mall helped strengthen our positions in the market as a socially and ecologically oriented company, as well as create conditions for continuous improvement of the quality of the Asset” – Kanat Tyurebaev, Director in Mega Plaza LLP

The selection of BREEAM In-Use as a corporate standard was carried out 5 years ago on the basis of a detailed analysis of existing international voluntary green building certification systems, their compatibility with the peculiarities of the Kazakhstan market and compliance with the corporate goals of the MEGA group of companies.

The operated MEGA shopping malls were the first buildings in Kazakhstan to obtain BREEAM certificates in 2014. Introduction of the BREEAM In-Use standard in the MEGA group of companies, as well as adaptation of operational policy and characteristics of buildings to best international practices, is a strategic task for the Client.  It shows their progressive views on social and economic development and provides an increase in the number of performance indicators. The owner of the MEGA shopping malls has adhered to the chosen strategy to this day, consistently achieving a high standard of assets under his management. In this regard, BREEAM In-Use certification of MEGA Silk Way Shopping Mall, the largest in Kazakhstan,  was a logical step on the business development path.


BREEAM Achievements

  • Сreation of the prerequisite for continuous improvement of the asset’s quality and quality of the facility management services
  • Implementation of new techniques, procedures and policies for better performance of the facility
  • Reduced water consumption for sanitary and domestic needs
  • Marketing and business opportunities


The facility is operated regarding to the approved environmental policy, which contains performance targets for energy efficiency, water consumption reduction, minimization of general waste and increasing biodiversity of the facility. Along with the scheduled maintenance by the management company specialists, complex inspections of the facility are carried out no less than twice a day, allowing early identification of all possible malfunctions. To increase the environmental awareness of users of the building, the management company regularly interacts with tenants and guests of the mall.


Despite the harsh climate of Nur-Sultan, the MEGA Silk Way shopping mall has created comfortable conditions for a stay. More than 18% of the building envelope is glazed and provides good access to daylight. The temperature zoning is provided in the mall, which year-round meets design parameters. The ventilation system eliminates the possibility of mixing supply and exhaust air by placing air intake grids of 74 AHUs at the required distance from the exhaust grids. High quality indoor air in the building is also ensured thanks to the adopted operational policy.


Considering the volume of the shopping mall’s internal space – more than 1.5 million m3, as well as the annual temperature ranging in Nur-Sultan – from +450C to -400C, the building is characterized by high energy efficiency. The bioclimatic design reduces energy consumption for heating and air conditioning. The building uses supply and exhaust units with a heat recovery and frequency converters, as well as a intelligent BEMS. The building and surrounding area are lit by about 4,800 LED luminaries. Luminaries powered by renewable energy are used to illuminate an open car park.


MEGA Silk Way is a part of a new generation of shopping malls that have emerged due to the growing popularity of electronic sales, the so-called “cities in cities”. It’s one of the main centers of attraction in the Kazakh capital. Despite the remoteness of the mall from the city center, the facility is distinguished by excellent transport accessibility. MEGA Silk Way has parking spaces for bicycles that are well lit in the dark. The mall has numerous public service enterprises, ranging from banks and post office up to amusement parks and a hypermarket.


The territory where the MEGA Silk Way shopping mall is located is characterized by sparse vegetation, however, there are lawns and flower beds arranged on the area of more than 10,000 m2, coniferous and deciduous trees grow there. In 2018, a qualified ecologist carried out an audit of the facility and made recommendations to increase its biodiversity.


MEGA Silk Way has more than 300 units of water-efficient sanitary equipment, including 110 sink mixers with IR sensors and a water flow rate of 3 l/min provided in common areas. The building has a rainwater collection system in a 145m3 tank for irrigation of green spaces. The water consumption by tenants, technological equipment and functional areas in the mall is automatically recorded, which makes it possible to continuously optimize the facility’s operational parameters.


Different solid wastes are collected separately in the building. On the site, there is a space for segregation and storing waste by type; plastic, metal, glass and paper. There are separate waste collection bins installed in the MEGA Silk Way facility.

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