Park View Office Tower
Информация о проекте
  • Здание: Жилое
  • Площадь: 16 500 м2
  • Город: Алматы
  • Адрес: улица Кунаева, 77
  • Сайт: Перейти
Сертификация по системе BREEAM
  • Стадия: 62.3%
  • Стадия: Предварительная
  • Дата:

О проекте:

In Global Development we understand that the office is more than just a workplace for our Clients’ employees, which occupiers may use for 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. That is why we have always made efforts to guarantee our tenants the maximum comfort in a healthy environment. However, in a highly competitive environment, comfortable conditions are not enough to maintain and promote the company’s position in the market.

We considered the up-to-date intelligent and environmental-friendly solutions, competitive value of operating costs, implementability of the CSR policy due to the rental of premises in a green building, effective and constantly improving management of space, recognisability and high standard of the facility, confirmed by an independent organization, as the main components of an attractive offer.

Learning from the European experience in facility management, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to search for an effective and easy-to-use strategy for building operation, which ensures the accomplishment of the above objectives and continuous improvement of the quality of facility and, as a consequence, increase in its market value. This strategy was embodied for us in the green building international standard for existing buildings BREEAM In-Use, which was introduced in the company in 2014, and according to which our first facility, Park View Office Tower, a flagship office building within the portfolio of Global Development, was certified in Almaty in 2015.

Park View Office Tower was also the first BREEAM In-Use certified office building in Central Asia. Since 2015, most of the facilities included in the portfolio of Global Development have been subject to BREEAM In-Use certification.


Park View Office Tower, an iconic and modern business centre of Almaty, is also considered as one of the most prominent and highly managerially qualified building in the market of Kazakhstan. It has been recognized as one of the best building in several local real estate awards and this achievement gained through consistent improvement of property and facility management teams.

The business centre offers more than 16,500 square meters of A-class office space and meets all the international requirements and standards. Our tenants will find here all the conditions for comfortable and successful business with the advantages of the 16-store Park View and its thoughtful concept of the project, the developed infrastructure of the historic centre of the city and a magnificent view of the Park of 28 Panfilov. Location in the largest area allows you to be within walking distance from the subway station, city parks, entertainment centres and other cultural sites of the city.

Main tenants: Starbucks, Toyota Motor Kazakhstan, H&M, Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH, McKinsey & Company, Total Marketing Services Kazakhstan, Dupont Kazakhstan, Visa, Kazzinc, IBM, Renaissance Heavy Industries, Dechert Kazakhstan Limited, Willis Towers Watson, USAID with Tetra Tech project, L’Oreal and etc.

“The introduction of the BREEAM In-Use standard has shaped further development of the company which meets the sustainability principles and created the conditions for continuous improvement of the characteristics of Park View Office Tower. Thanks to the monitoring of the facility’s operation, planning and implementation of measures, and analysis of the results that underlie the BREEAM In-Use certification, we noted an increase in performance indicators confirmed by calculations from year to year.”  Mr. Lukasz Skowronski, Managing Director at Global Development, LLP.

Overview of Green Strategy and Environmental Features

Since 2014, the operational policies, parameters and characteristics of Park View Office Tower have been subject to continuous review and improvement, which is reflected in key performance indicators, including the BREEAM rating of the facility.

In the building, 21% of hand washing basin taps, 78% of showers, and 100% of urinals were replaced with water-efficient equipment. The precautionary policy was implemented for the operation of water supply systems with daily inspections and maintenance planning, which minimized the number of emergency situations and reduced water consumption per m2 of actually occupied space in 2018 by 27% as compared to 2015. Thanks to the aforementioned measures, we have managed to improve the performance of the facility in the Water category in the Building Management section from 76% in 2015 to 84.62% in 2018.

During re-certification, the maximum number of points was scored in the Waste category in the Asset Performance section – 100% out of 100% (0% in 2015). Over the past three years, MSW has been separately collected in the building with subsequent processing by major groups: glass, metal, paper, cardboard, and electronic waste. To that end, in addition to a separate site for sorting and collecting waste by groups required by BREEAM, labelled waste collection containers for tenants and visitors are installed on each floor of the building. Park View Office Tower was one of the first business centres of Almaty, in which a separate waste collection system was introduced, and this initiative contributed not only to a 5% reduction in the company’s operating costs associated with the decrease of general waste but also to new offers for removal and recycling of sorted waste groups in the Almaty market.

“BREEAM helped to create the image of Global Development as a responsible and environmentally-oriented company, ensured international recognition, and confirmed the quality of the facility and the high standard of services rendered in the field of Facility Management” Mr. Lukasz Skowronski, Managing Director at Global Development, LLP.



  • Park View Office Tower is the first building in Kazakhstan certified by the national standards of green building OMIR (Environmental Assessment System for Buildings of the Consortium of Green Building Industry Participants in Kazakhstan). March 2018.
  • Commercial Real Estate Week 2014, “The best Class A Office Property”, Park View Office Tower Business Center.
  • Kazakhstan Green Awards 2014 «Green building trendsetter» («Park View Office Tower»).
  • Commercial Real Estate Week 2015, Diploma for the contribution to the development of “GREEN” construction in Kazakhstan, Park View Office Tower.
  • Kazakhstan Green Awards 2014 for the Park View Office Tower project (the Kazakhstan Green Awards was established by the Kazakhstan Green Building Council (KazGBC) with the aim of recognizing people and organizations who, with their activities, set the trend for the development of the green industry in Kazakhstan construction, improving the quality of life of people with a responsible attitude to nature and its resources).

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